Take Pride in Your Work

As a Cat® dealer technician, you’ll feel a sense of pride and belonging from the day you start on the job. Working for a Cat dealer means working on the world’s most innovative products and providing a customer experience that is second to none while helping to build the world’s infrastructure.

Build Your Own Path

Because there are so many options at each location, you get to choose the path that best suits you. One of the best things about working for a Cat dealer is that you can keep learning, growing and moving into new roles as your skills and interests evolve. We know that if you do something you love, you’ll do the very best for the business and customers.


With several education options, you can receive the latest training without the heavy burden of 4-year student loans. Take advantage of the educational and job opportunities that are available right now by contacting a dealer to start your journey.


As an advisor or teacher, students value your guidance. When you encourage mechanically inclined students with great problem-solving skills to pursue a career as a Cat dealer technician, you’re helping them end up in careers that are a good match for their strengths. And you’re setting them on a path that holds abundant opportunity.


As a parent, you want your children to end up with a career that is a good match for their strengths.

If your child is serious about working with the latest technology and has great problem-solving skills, chances are good they’ll be happy and successful as a Cat dealer technician. They’ll not only avoid the debt often associated with a four-year degree, they’ll have a solid career with opportunities to advance, working for a global brand.


As you make the transition from the military to civilian life, you’re looking for opportunities. Your previous military experience can help you find the right career and be successful at a Cat dealership. If you’re mechanically inclined and enjoy a challenge, a Cat dealer can offer all that and more. As a Cat dealer technician, you’ll get hands-on experience with some of the world’s latest technology, a stable career, and earning potential.

Join the Cat Dealer Network

In the United States, you can also text “dealertechjobs” to 97211.
Anywhere in the world you can search for jobs on your local Cat dealer website. Click “Find Dealer