IT Security Analyst

Job Posted: October 20th, 2021

Location: Birmingham, Alabama, US

The IT Security Analysts role is to monitor, analyze, assess, and respond to threats and risks to the business’s digital and electronic assets. The IT Security Analyst will also act as an interface between the corporate legal and risk team, executive leadership, and the IT technical team to determine and implement appropriate cybersecurity policies, processes, and procedures. This role will develop cybersecurity performance metrics, as well as monitor and ensure appropriate responses to those metrics.

·         Monitor server and network device logging to detect possible security related events

·         Deploy and monitor Office 365 and Azure threat detection techniques

·         Investigate and document potential security incidents and incident response events

·         Monitor change management of network edge devices and assess security implications of changes

·         Support the creation of business continuity/disaster recovery plans, including conducting disaster recovery tests, publish test results, and make changes necessary to address deficiencies

·         Continuously monitor emerging threats and vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate mitigations

·         Develop and implement a company security standard based on one or more commonly accepted security frameworks

·         Assist in communicating relevant security information to users

·         Manage internal and external audit and assessment requests

·         Evaluate, recommend, and implement security related products

·         Manage security related vendor and service contracts








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